Ailin Kojima




East Asian Medicine is structured on “Four Pillars” of treatment. These are different categories of treatment that are intended to create a holistic care plan for patients. All pillars do not necessarily need to be addressed during each treatment, as long as there is effective balancing of the physical body, mind and spirit.


Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Acupuncture is probably the most widely recognized as a representative of East Asian or Chinese Medicine and can be utilized independently of the others. In this treatment modality, patients are treated with fine, sterile needles to manipulate their qi, blood, yin, yang and organ systems to balance the body and promote healing. Moxibustion is the burning of mugwort herb over specific points or areas to supplement, warm, and move stagnation.


Herbs and Nutrition

Chinese herbal medicine is an extension of Eastern nutrition. All foods are thought to possess specific qualities. Those with particularly strong functions are used as herbal medicine. Examples of their functions include promoting immunity against the common cold, treating insomnia, improving digestion, managing menopausal hot flashes and many, many more.


Physical Manipulation

Kyojung is a system of Korean physical manipulation used to stretch and re-align different parts of the body. When there are misalignments, the metabolism cannot move properly and there will be dis-regulation of the different substances of the body as well as pain and decrease in function. Correcting misalignments will reinstate proper function and circulation, and is best when followed by acupuncture to support the soft tissue in the surrounding area.



Qigong literally means “qi practice,” and is the practice of circulating qi around the body with mental images, sounds, breathing and postures. Medical qigong is a treatment in which the practitioner leads the patient’s qi to improve circulation and health. While this treatment can be used to influence most conditions, it’s best used to treat less tangible complaints of feeling ill at ease with his/her surroundings.