Ailin Kojima




 “Ailin helped me so much during my sessions. I’m quite afraid of needles and at once she put me at ease… She is full of knowledge and truly wants to make you feel better.”

— MC


“Having been to many acupuncturists over the years, in England and the States, and to practitioners of Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy, I can say without reservation that Ailin has “the touch” – she is able to isolate and treat problems with a rare expertise and a warm, comforting bedside manner. Thank you Ailin, for the difference you have made to my quality of life.” — AB


“I went to the chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, physiatrist and an orthopedic surgeon… I literally tried everything to relieve the chronic pain… after receiving acupuncture, I really felt that the chronic area was finally being worked on… Not only does Ailin customize the treatment depending on the patient, there is extensive communication going on to explain what is going on in my body and how she is triggering different areas to increase circulation and chi flow.” — NT

“She was able to recognize that my back pain was not caused by just “bad posture”, but it was more stress related… Ailin really took an interest in my life and directed me to change my habits not only with exercising, but with eating right and provided me with great tips on how to cope with my stressful environment so I can be more grounded.” — HK


“Ailin is professional, knowledgeable and able to “connect the dots” like no other acupuncturist I’ve been to. She listens and treats your whole person instead of just the symptoms that brought you to her office. She brings the many facets of her extensive training to bear in order to find a solution and I trust her completely.” — NA

“I began seeing Ailin about a year ago due to pain in my lower back and neck, since then not only has the pain subsided, but as a whole I have never felt better. She is amazing. I was a little nervous about the needles when I began treatment, but Ailin was gentle and knows exactly what she is doing… I don’t know what I would do without her!” — AB


“Ms. Kojima is a serious and patient practitioner whose professional advice continues to be a necessary anchor ensuring that I manage to remain cheerful, positive and in good health despite what is at times a rather stressful lifestyle.” — AR


“She has taught me to observe my body’s reaction to lifestyle choices, and in doing so, to learn the importance of listening to my body and nurturing my health. I am grateful for Ailin Kojima!” — SS